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The Virtue of Simplicity

Award-winning architect, Paolo Deliperi, comes to intuitively understand the potential of the site and client requirements in such a way that his buildings and the spaces between and around them represent the poetry of the location. A strong, simple and clearly defined concept forms the foundation of all Paolo’s work. His commitment to the environment creates buildings with a sophisticated balance within their context; his homes become part of their natural setting, never outshining nor being overshadowed. The role of place, nature and materials form an integral part of his architectural vocabulary. Paolo steps lightly and cares deeply, from the outset his projects have worked with the first principle of energy efficiency and sustainability.

The word “style” per se does not interest him. Paolo strives to make architecture that is enriched by the innate uniqueness of location and landscape, the movement of the sun, changes in the weather and the precise and sensuous choice of materials. His buildings strive to engage the senses – they are sensually abundant. He is more interested in the emotional and experiential response his work will evoke as opposed to buildings that are cerebral or architecturally intellectual. His approach is to bring these elements together in such a way so as to blur the boundaries between inside and outside, often designing part of the building mass right to the edge of the site, thus creating spaces in between in the form of courtyards or outdoor rooms – providing a sense of enclosure to outdoor spaces. Paolo explores the potential of natural light and all its variability by playing with opacities and transparency, solid and void, weight and lightness. His vast portfolio displays this style effortlessly.