House Deliperi Concept Sketch

house deliperi

alphen, cape town

House Deliperi was built on a green site, which was the result of a subdivision where special consent was given by the Municipality to sub-divide smaller than the allowable minimum size for the area of 1250 sq.m. The result was a rather awkward shaped site with the driveway as servitude. This allowed the original owners to gain access to their now sub-divided property but also further restricted the footprint size from which to build a family home on the remainder of the land. The positive aspect of the site was that it was surrounded by large species of trees and verdant hedges screening any view of neighbouring houses. Due to the limited size of the property, it was decided early on to organise the programme on two levels. The upper level was dedicated to all the bedrooms, en suite bathrooms and three studies. This generous programme meant that various portions of the upper level extended and cantilevered over the lower level. This feature helps break down the building mass in elevation as well as offering much-needed summer sun protection for the lower level. Playing with solids and voids, sunlight and shadow, the treatment of the exterior is a clearly legible but reinvented reference to the Cape vernacular. At ground level, protected from the prevailing summer winds, the living spaces of House Deliperi connect seamlessly with the pool, decks, terrace and level garden. This connection with the natural world extends on the second level in the form of a fynbos roof garden and as vertical planting which offers the fully glazed north-facing bathrooms privacy and protection from the sun. Due to the favourable solar orientation for almost every room the house is very efficient in terms of its cooling and heating negating the need for mechanical alternatives. Solar geysers, solar pool heating and strategically placed roof lights ensure maximum use of the abundant African sunlight. A large deciduous Pin Oak tree punctures the granite-cobbled motor court, offering summer shade for the cars and serving as a barometer for the passing seasons.

site: 1021 sq.m.
building: 500 sq.m.
project architect: paolo deliperi
structural engineer: devilliers sheard
contractor: the building company
landscaping: alan dawson gardens
photography: paolo deliperi