Studio Floor Sketch

studio paolo deliperi architect

alphen, cape town

Architects typically work long hours, as such, it made sense to build an architectural studio at home so as to be close to the family, especially after hours when daily distractions tend to get in the way of quality design time. It was important to keep the studio separate from the main house whilst at the same time offering an easy connection to the main building. Studio Paolo Deliperi is built above the existing double garage, using only half of the garage’s width due to building line restrictions. To make up for the limited width, the studio extends beyond the garage by some three-meter making the space long and narrow. This cantilever also acts as a shaded carport for the parking below. In contrast to the garage building, Studio Paolo Deliperi is built entirely as a lightweight structure, designed to seemingly float above the garage’s concrete roof. The palette of materials is limited to a steel frame, glass panels, marine plywood and insulation as infill and Garapa timber for the exterior timber cladding, which is left to age a silver-grey patina with the passing of time. The east-facing facade is fully glazed, offering an elevated view of the nearby Pin Oak tree. A small terrace built with uneven timber battens extends towards the foliage and gives the studio a nest-like quality. The remaining windows are custom-designed as pivoted steel portals punctuating through the timber facade panels and offer cross-ventilation negating the need for mechanical cooling. Internally a 3.5 x 1.2 meter Oak table was custom built by the architect and serves both as a workstation as well as a meeting table. Custom made steel bookshelves, visitors seating area and a small kitchenette completes the interior. The floor is finished in natural seagrass offering a wonderful aroma as one enters the studio.

building: 31 sq.m.
project architect: paolo deliperi
structural engineer: de villiers sheard
contractor: the building company
photography: paolo deliperi